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You're more than a wedding celebrant... you're like a wedding doula! Hayley

Your wedding Ceremony!

A celebrant ceremony is NOTHING like a registrar wedding... so stop that comparison Right Now. There are no templates, no paragraphs that get repeated over and over from ceremony to ceremony, no strict starting times: it will be what YOU want it to be!


And as Hayley says above - I'll be like your wedding doula! I'll guide you right through the process of putting your ceremony together, so you can go from "Sophie, we don't even know where to start!" to "Sophie, this is SO US and we love every word of it!"


There's so much choice! Symbolic acts are always popular, whether that is the common practice of exchanging rings, older traditions such as hand-fasting and candle-lighting... or even some newer ideas such as sand-blending or tree planting. (I mean, you *might* even end up saying "Yes, the umbrella with sticky tape and streamers sound just perfect!" but that's another story....)

Want your guests to play a big part? Let's do it! Want your pooch involved? Of course you do! Want your wild-card uncle to stand up and deliver some off-the-cuff thoughts for over10 minutes? (Woah... that might not make the cut!) I'm here to make sure that you and your guests will be BUZZING!

Choosing the right Celebrant

Let's chat! I'd love to meet up with you online (or in person locally in Liverpool) so you can get the chance to see if you think we're a good match.

For me, the most important part of being chosen as your celebrant is that we’ll have had the chance to get to know each other. When there's the chance of feeling the pressure on the big day itself, you'll know there will be someone right up there at the front with you who knows and loves your quirks, someone who's got your back... and I'm not just talking about your significant other!



> Free 30 - 45 mins online chat to see if you'd like to book!

> Initial 1 hour online planning meeting to discuss ceremony.

> Extensive meeting later on to get to know you and your story!

> Support with writing vows if needed.

> Offer of a collection of readings and symbolic actions.

> 'Homework’ conversation activity all about your shared values.

> 100% bespoke script (zero copying and pasting involved!)

> Unlimited edits of your ceremony script via email.

> Rehearsal in venue (helps reduce nerves on the day).

> Use of microphone and mobile speaker system (if needed).

> Beautifully designed script as a keepsake.

> All northwest travel costs from my base in Liverpool.

> (For weddings further afield, I'll add travel costs into your quote).

> Optional monthly payment plan if you need to budget carefully. 

> Liaising with your other wonderful ceremony suppliers.

> Stellar 5* ceremony on the big day itself!

* (full quote depends on venue location.)

special price of    £850

All this for

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