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fun, relaxed ceremonies in the northwest!

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‘Sophie was so warm and welcoming... so interested and invested in making this the perfect day for us: We feel like we have gained a friend.’ bryony & francis

Soooo... you've already seen or heard about ceremonies that have totally managed to get the party started, they've left the couple and the guests buzzing with emotion and energy... and you're looking for the right person to work alongside you throughout to make sure that this is how YOU will feel about your ceremony too! 

I can help you with that: get started by booking in a free 30-45 minute chat with me. I can guarantee you by the end of the time, you'll understand just what is possible with a celebrant-led ceremony - and you'll know if you want to go ahead and book me in! (I'm half-booked up for 2023 though - so don't leave it too late).

I'm a weddings and namings celebrant based in Liverpool and lead fun and relaxed ceremonies across the northwest.

‘Our ceremony has even inspired a few of our guests to believe maybe marriage is for them - because they can do it in a way which truly reflects who they are.’ Caighli & chris

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